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Insignia and Pins
Item Price
US Metal Hat Badge - VIEW
Gold wreath with silver "US"
Irish Brigade Badge - VIEW

Hat Insignia, Enlisted - VIEW
Stamped brass crossed canon, crossed sabres and Infantry bugle

Kepi slide buckle $.50
Marine Cap Ornament Model 1859 - VIEW $5.25
Maryland Cross Pin - VIEW
Polished white brass

Provost Guard Badge Confederate - VIEW
Shield design, cast pewter, (Copy of dug specimen)

Provost Guard Badge - VIEW
Eight point star, cast brass
Christian Commission Pin - VIEW
Polished cast white brass
Provost Marshal - VIEW
Crescent and Star of Cast Pewter
1st National Flag inscribed GOD AND OUR RIGHTS - VIEW
Cast pewter, 5/8" x 1" (Copy of dug specimen)
Confederate Flag Pin inscribed VICTORY or DEATH - VIEW
Cast pewter (Copy of dug specimen)
Confederate Flag Tie Tack like above
(Unauthentic, but great for civilian wear)

Custer Pin star and cross with TUEBOR - VIEW
Cast brass

Chaplain Hat Insignia - VIEW
Black velvet, gold wreath and cross

Chaplain Kepi Insignia - VIEW
Black velvet w/gold wreath and cross